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Automarshal 2.25 – new version of the vehicle number plate recognition system

The brand-new neural network models and algorithm for detection of the vehicle number plates have been added into Automarshal 2.25. At the present moment, these newly-added neural networks have been adopted for recognition of vehicle number plates from Russia, CIS, Morocco, Hong Kong and Thailand. The remaining countries which Automarshal currently supports will be added very shortly.

The new «Speed measurement» software module has been added into new version of Automarshal to perform vehicle speed measurements without the use of a speed radar. This new module is based on mathematical and numerical methods. The module calculates speed of recognised vehicle based on the coordinates and time stamps of the vehicle movement at the selected region of the image. Overall, the module has shown to be accurate for the performed measurements without having restrictions for the minimum speed of moving vehicle.

The new version of Automarshal also introduces updated «Control zones» module. The users now can assign a particular parking spot to a specific vehicle. If such parking spot is occupied by another vehicle, the system operator will receive an appropriate notification.

For more information about these and other newly introduced features in Automarshal 2.25 please refer to text below:

The newly added neural network models and algorithm for detection of number plates

The newly added models and detection algorithm help to improve the recognition accuracy for the challenging optical conditions such as low light and steep observation angles. They also help with the recognition of the registration plates that are divided into several horizontal lines.

Added module for the software-based vehicle speed measurement

For control of vehicle moving speed on the premises (e.g. manufacturing facility, warehouse, facility for education, private territory) the users no longer need to purchase additional hardware equipment such as speed radar or a second camera. Now Automarshal can perform speed measurement completely internally and at the image analysis level. Furthermore, Automarshal can perform measurements for the vehicle speeds that are below the tolerance level of speed radar.

To configure this software module, one would need to define an area inside of which Automarshal will perform recognition of number plates. Also, the user would have to enter the actual measurements for the height and width of the selected area.

Updated «Control zone» module

The updated module adds the functionality to assign a specific parking space to a particular vehicle. If the previously assigned parking spot is occupied by some other vehicle, the system will notify security or system operator through notification window which will contain the plate number of a vehicle that is parked at reserved spot.

The monitoring of assigned parking space is performed with the new «Vehicle is detected in the control zone» Trigger Event.

Added functionality to update additional vehicle information when performing manual data entry for a vehicle

This functionality helps to perform an easier updates of log entries when editing them after recognition of vehicle and adding them to the list. Additional entries can include any necessary information about vehicle and its owner (e.g. assigned parking spot, vehicle colour, purpose of a visit, etc.). After saving all information, the log is automatically updated by the system.

The Report Configurator now has the functionality for adding several camera images

Besides the main image with recognised vehicle number plate, the reports can be configured to include up to 3 additional related images from different cameras. This functionality can be useful for the cases of mitigating potential disputes due to damage of a vehicle, unauthorised transport of objects in the bed of a vehicle, etc.

Added functionality for migration of vehicle number plate to another list

Current version of Automarshal enables an easy migration of needed vehicle number plates from one user list into another. In trigger section, user can configure conditions for automatic migration of data entries without loss of additional information about vehicle. For instance, in an event of speeding, the vehicle number plate can be migrated to the list that corresponds to the vehicles that have violated a speed limit.

The new «Duration of stay is exceeded» Trigger Event has been added

In the new version of Automarshal, an operator of the software can receive an appropriate notification when the vehicle exceeds the allowed time limit for stay on the premises. This functionality would allow to take necessary actions against the driver of such vehicle when needed.

Added functionality to specify recipient when sending notifications via Telegram

In the previous version of the software, notifications about recognition of vehicle number plates have been received by dedicated chat-bot without an ability to specify a particular recipient. The new version of Automarshal enables to send such notifications into the personal user chats.

Added functionality for export/import of users

The new version of Automarshal enables export/import of users for more convenient user data migration or for the purposes of creating backup copy. This added functionality allows to conveniently save and migrate the user data in. xml format.

Web Client: added functionality to specify the direction of traffic during Manual Recognition of vehicles

The previous version of the software only enabled to edit the vehicle number plate in the Manual Recognition window of Web-client. However, the new version of Automarshal now also adds the functionality to manually specify the direction of vehicle movement (i.e. entry or exit).

If you have Automarshal license that was purchased less than 12 months ago, please feel free to contact us and we will happily provide you with a free software update.

Before updating your current version, however, we recommend to perform the following steps: recommendations before software update.

If you currently do not own Automarshal license, please feel free to download the 15-day free trial version of the software from automarshal.net website. Please note the trial period will begin with the first launch of the software on your computer.

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