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Automarshal System celebrates its 15th birthday

Automarshal is one of the first systems for recognition of vehicle number plates that has been developed in Russia. On December 17th 2006, Automarshal had its first implementation at the meat processing factory in Cherepovets, Russia – the hometown of Mallenom Systems. Even then the system had the accuracy of 96.4% which was quite remarkable at a time.

Over last 15 years we passionately worked on Automarshal and today we can say that we are proud with the achieved results so far, which are the following:

  • More than 2000 system implementations in Russia, CIS and European countries
  • 47 supported countries
  • 21 software modules for ability to flexibly provide solutions at a multitude of different facilities
  • More than 20 integrations with domestic and foreign systems for video monitoring, software for parking management and carwashes
  • Technical support that is always ready to help

During last 15 years of Automarshal lifespan, a lot of significant changes have taken place. In spite of this, however, we still actively continue the development of our solution for recognition of vehicle number plates, which includes the following:

Further development of the algorithms and implementation of new neural networks for improving the recognition of indistinguishable number plates given challenging optical layouts.

  • Identification of emergency service vehicles (e.g. ambulances, fire service vehicles, rescue service vehicles, etc.).
  • Development of Automarshal version for Linux.

We would like to thank all of our clients and partners for the continuous trust that you put in our product and company. We believe that together in close collaboration we can continue the development of solution that is able to adapt to everchanging circumstances and address the constantly evolving demands. Thank you once again.