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ARDIS system for control of railcars at oil refinery in the Republic of Belarus

In October 2023 ARDIS video control and inventory system for railcars has been updated at the oil refinery in city of Mozyr in the Republic of Belarus.

From the moment of the first system installation in the mid-2000s, ARDIS software has been constantly developed with consistent implementation of new functionalities and overall expansion of the system capability. With the growth of the client’s production capacities, the need has arisen for the latest functionalities offered by ARDISS for identification of the railcars.

As a part of this wide-scale system upgrade, all of the previously installed hardware including cameras, image processing server and dedicated automated system operator workstations have been retrofitted while the software has been updated.

The testing of the upgraded system has successfully concluded on October 17th 2023.

At Mozyr Oil Refinery ARDIS system performs tasks for automated railcar weighing, recognition of railcar identification numbers, detection and exclusion of locomotive from the rest of the train cars, generation of the reports, integration with the client’s enterprise information system, and also automatic generation of the documentation.

Overall, the system enables to minimise the influence of human factor during loading and weighing of railcars, improve the safety of enterprise operations by eliminating the need for human presence at the rail tracks, and also to overall improve the speed and quality of loading procedures.