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Control of PPE use

The violation of industrial safety rules and regulations by the personnel most often leads to the injuries of various severity with a chance for disability. To avoid this, EYECONT system allows to momentarily detect such violations in industrial safety rules and regulations as absence of personal protective equipment (PPE), and to immediately inform of such violations the supervisors and other administrative personnel via an Email or Telegram.

Clients: industrial facilities and construction sites

Identification of more than 15 types of PPE:

  • hard hat
  • safety vest
  • surgical mask
  • respirator
  • chin strap
  • overalls, and others

Main advantages from EYECONT implementation:

  • Control of safety 24/7
  • Reduction in number of injuries
  • Improvement of personnel discipline for industrial safety rules and regulations
  • Assembly of a database with instances of safety rules violations

For any questions about EYECONT system please feel free to contact:

Andrey Kalinyak
Manager for International Development
Email: sales@mallenom.ru