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The software kernel of surveillance system for people and events

EYECONT.SDK (Software Development Kit) is a set of development tools built on a microservice architecture. It provides an opportunity to integrate various video analytics modules into software for video surveillance systems. EYECONT.SDK supports both Windows and Linux (including Astra Linux) operating systems.

EYECONT.SDK includes:

  • Software processing kernel that enables to interact with the SDK via REST API. It contains basic logic for the modules, aggregates results of the algorithms (including neural networks) and generates events
  • Neural network kernel that manages neural networks and image processing
  • Configuration tool for setting up software and neural network kernels before launching
  • Test software environment that enables to access functionality of EYECONT.SDK before its implementation
  • Security key and license file
  • Licensing manager for activating the software license key
  • Integration documentation

Integration of EYECONT.SDK is carried out via REST API.

How EYECONT.SDK works / operational concept

The input of software processing kernel is supplied with a video stream, video file or image processed by neural networks. Software processing kernel analyzes received data and parameters, and produces the final result depending on the operational module.

The software processing kernel receives video stream, video file or image, and neural networks detect the presence of objects. Depending on the operational module, further classification of objects can be provided by such neural network module. Special algorithms analyze the aggregated results of neural networks and generate events according to set triggers.

EYECONT.SDK recognition modules:

  • Neural network module for monitoring dangerous areas enables to add and configure dangerous areas of any shape and size and detect people there
  • Neural network module for counting people in the dangerous area provides information on the number of people who have entered defined dangerous area
  • Neural network module for counting people provides information for the number of people who have crossed a virtually placed control line
  • PPE neural network detection module enables to detect the absence of one or several types of such PPE utilized by people as: hard hat, safety vest, medical mask, safety goggles, respirator, latex gloves, work boots, overalls, ear muffs, chin strap, welding helmet, safety harness, medical scrubs, medical gloves, face shield
  • Neural network module for detecting firearms identifies the presence of firearms in the video stream
  • Neural network module for detecting fire, smoke and haze enables to detect open flames, clouds of smoke and haze in the video stream at early stage
  • Detector of abandoned objects identifies stationary objects that are in the surveillance area for longer than a specified time interval

Areas of EYECONT.SDK application:

  • Industrial enterprises
  • Educational institutions
  • Urban environments
  • Retail, warehouses
  • Healthcare facilities, food industry, etc.

For any questions about EYECONT system please feel free to contact:

Manager for International Development
Email: sales@mallenom.ru