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Monitoring of dangers

Dangers, incidents and accidents most often cause significant socio-economic losses for all affected parties.

Such events include:

  • damage of the infrastructure, equipment and other property;
  • financial costs and indirect economic losses;
  • injury of people to various extend;
  • social and cultural losses, etc.

EYECONT system is designed to detect and prevent dangers before occurrence of negative consequences.

Detection of smoke and open fire

The system visually identifies the center of open fire and smoke at the earliest stages and sends alarm signal to the security station. Thus, the software solution helps to momentarily react to the fire hazard excluding the technical malfunction of the fire alarm sensors.

Detection of left unintended object in the public places

The software analyses received video stream to identify appearance of new object in the camera frame, records the time of the object’s presence and identifies presence of a person near the object. If after some time the object remains undisturbed, the system issues a notification about potential danger and provides information for the object’s location.

Control of rigging and monitoring of strops conditions during loading and unloading operations

The system controls the way a person secures rigging and strops for lifting equipment (cranes, hoists, towers) as well as condition of rigging and strops during performed operations.

When the danger is detected, the system notifies the responsible individual.

For any questions about EYECONT system please feel free to contact:

Andrey Kalinyak
Manager for International Development
Email: sales@mallenom.ru