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Security Control at Educational Institutions

System Description:

Modern video analytics systems can significantly increase the level of security at controlled facilities by recognizing emergencies at early stage. Mallenom Systems implemented a pilot project to ensure the safety of children and staff at educational institutions. EYECONT system, developed on the basis of artificial intelligence, provides a wide range of capabilities. It includes recognition of potential threats, automatic notification of security services and access control to the territory.

This system is an effective tool for preventing emergencies; it is suitable for educational organizations of various types.

System Capabilities:

  1. Identification of weapons and automatic notification of responsible persons.
  2. Tracking the number plates of vehicles entering the parking lot of the educational institution and storing information in the archive. Creation of access lists to the territory. Searching in the archive of recognized license plates by a set of features, export of recognition history. Maintaining an archive of license plates with the possibility of linking additional information (for example, information about the vehicle and its owner).
  3. Identification of left unattended objects and notification of responsible persons.
  4. Personnel control that includes tracking the time spent by a security officer at the workplace; the ability to generate notifications for occurring emergency with user-defined parameters; search for occurred emergencies in the archive; the ability to configure the employee's down time.

System Operational Principle:

Surveillance cameras are installed inside the school and outside along the perimeter in strategically important places. EYECONT software analyzes images from video cameras using specially configured recognition modules across following categories:

  • Detection of weapons and left unattended objects
  • Recognition of license plates of the vehicles entering the territory of the educational institution
  • Control of the conduct of the personnel and records the time spent by the security officer at the workplace

When weapon or left unattended object is detected, the system generates an alarm notification which is displayed on the monitor of a security officer. The system also allows to configure sending of notifications via Telegram chat bot to all responsible bodies among the staff of the educational institution.

Information about all arriving and departing vehicles is stored into the database and is available for export and transfer in a convenient format.

EYECONT User Interface During System Operation:

Personnel control module:

Weapon identification module:

License plate recognition module:

Notifications via Telegram chat bot:

Alarm log:

EYECONT System Advantages:

  • Flexible system configuration and large variety of available modules for video analytics;
  • Optional additional modules: detection of human states (e. identification whether a person is standing, sitting, or has fallen, etc.) and SOS signal (i.e. waving hands over head);
  • Minimization of the human factor for monitoring of video streams from cameras by instantly sending notifications to a specific list of persons in case of emergency.

For any questions about EYECONT system please feel free to contact:

Andrey Kalinyak
Manager for International Development
Email: sales@mallenom.ru