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Hardware software complex for weighbridge automation

  • Minimizing human factor
  • Controlling weighbridge operations remotely
  • Reducing expenses and sunk costs
  • Increasing speed of product shipment and acceptance 

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Automarshal.Weighbridge is a hardware-software complex that solves the full range of tasks of weighbridge automation: vehicle number plate recognition, automatic calculation of net weight, traffic light control , barrier and lighting control, automatic generation of documentation, video surveillance and much more. 


Tasks solved:

  • Reducing the influence of the human factor on the weighing process
  • Elimination of "additions" after the vehicle has been weighed
  • Reducing labor costs and speeding up the weighing process
  • Increasing the transparency of weighing operations
  • Automation of the document flow
  • Generation of data for claim settlement
  • Control of vehicle overloading (prevention of overweight fines)
  • Photo and video recording of each vehicle at the weighbridge

Automarshal.Weighbridge software

Automarshal.Weighbridge system is based on the software, which includes an operator's workstation, a network client (workstation for remote control of weighing operations), a database and a set of optional software modules.

The unique features of Automarshal.Weighbridge software include:

  • Modular architecture that allows offering the client exactly the set of functions he needs.
  • Two-level system of settings (both configurational and user), which allows to easily adapt the software to the individual characteristics of each specific object.
  • The Automarshal core, known for its high quality number plate recognition.

Automarshal.Weighbridge interface:

Key basic functions of the software:

  • Photo/video recording of every weighing operation
  • Vehicle number plate recognition
  • Automatic and manual calculation of net weight
  • Generation and storage in the MS SQL Server database of vehicle information: photo, video, passage date/time, weight (container, net, gross), etc.
  • Loading data from user directories (name of the driver, shipper, etc.)
  • Generation of reports, uploading data to a file (xml, xsl, etc.)
  • Automatic lighting control at the weighbridge
  • Weighing without operator

Optional software features:

  • Monitoring of the vehicle's position on the scales during weighing
  • Control of traffic lights and barriers
  • Vehicle identification by radio tag (RFID, Mifare, etc.)
  • Trailer/semi-trailer number recognition
  • Additional video surveillance channels
  • Multi-country recognition
  • Displaying information on the LED panel
  • Module for remote control of weighing operations (network client)


  • Integration with external information systems through access to the Automarshal.Weighbridge database (MS SQL Server)
  • Uploading user-selected data to a file
  • Uploading data to external information systems
  • Integration with the Line video surveillance system

Standard composition of the system

Automarshal.Weghbridge hardware

Various hardware components can be used as part of Automarshal.Weighbridge complex, including:

    • Recognition cameras for automatic vehicle identification
    • Overview camera to capture the contents of the vehicle body from above 
    • Vehicle position sensors to exclude weight fixation in case of incorrect vehicle position
    • Traffic lights to control vehicle movement at the weighbridge
    • Barriers to restrict access to the weighbridge
    • Spotlights to light the weighbridge and vehicles
    • RFID readers to be used instead of or in conjunction with the OCR technology

An example of weight control area:

1 - PC with Automarshal.Weighbridge software
2 - Automarshal.Weighbridge cabinet
3 - Recognition cameras
4 - Traffic lights
5 - LED searchlights
6 - Sensors to control vehicle position on the weighbridge
7 - Barriers
8 - Video camera to capture vehicle body

To ensure the most simple and fast integration, we suggest using the Automarshal.Weighbridge control cabinet. This is a ready-made solution for connecting outdoor equipment: cameras, sensors, traffic lights, lighting and other equipment to a PC with Automarshal.Weighbridge software installed. In the process of cabinet manufacture, the individual characteristics of each facility are taken into account both in terms of the composition of the connected equipment and in design - it can be climatic, explosion-proof, etc.

Self-servicing at the weighbridge can be arranged with the help of the "Terminal" hardware and software module, which is an option to "Automarshal.Weighbridge".

Automarshal.Weighbridge network client

Automarshal weighbridge network client is a software application installed on a personal computer with Windows operating system and providing remote access to the database of the complex.

The application allows the heads of organizations, representatives of the security service of the enterprise and other authorized persons to control the work of the operator on the scales, track the facts of vehicle entrance to the weighing area, view and edit entries in the vehicle weighing log.

The network client can be installed on any enterprise computer that has access to the server that hosts the Automarshal.Weighbridge database.

Main functions of the network client:

Viewing and editing information about vehicle weighing (image, number plate, weight, mass, etc.).
Searching and filtering of weighing data (by date, by vehicle number, by time, by type of scales, etc.).
Report generation and printing.
Exporting data and images to files.

For any inquiries or questions contact:

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