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Automarshal.SDK Service API

Vehicle number plate recognition service

A development kit that allows the software engineer to integrate the number plate recognition service with the software he develops.

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Automarshal.SDK Service API is an independent software product implemented as a service for Microsoft Windows.

Automarshal.SDK Service API includes:

  • Recognition core (a set of dll files written in C #).
  • Documentation for integrating the core with third-party software.
  • Examples of the core integration with third-party software for the most common languages.
  • Security key and license file, which allow the use of a certain number of channels (cameras) for number plate recognition.

The recognition core contains a module for capturing images from various video sources (analog and IP cameras, video files, etc.), which exempts the developer from implementing his own method of receiving video.

Principle of operation

The recognition engine receives a video stream from a camera or a video file, analyzes the sequence of frames and generates events about the recognized number plate for each subsequent vehicle. The service can operate in two modes: freeflow - continuous recognition of vehicle numbers on the input video stream, and trigger - recognition starts/stops by an external event. To obtain recognition results, third-party software subscribes to service events using the webhooks notification mechanism. At the same time Automarshal.SDK Service API can be installed on any PC in the local network with Microsoft Windows OS, through which it will transfer recognition results. A third party application can be installed on a PC with any OS.

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