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Complete solution for video surveillance

EYECONT.VMS (Video Management Software) is a comprehensive all-in-one system with a client-server architectural, intuitive interface and a wide range of applications. It enables to build scalable video surveillance systems with an unlimited number of servers and connect various video analytical modules to perform tasks of industrial security and labour safety, security control in institutions and optimization of business processes.

EYECONT.VMS video analytics system detects events on the video stream, records them in a log with the ability to export in a convenient format and sends notifications via email and Telegram.

Compared to out-of-the-box video surveillance systems, EYECONT.VMS provides a higher quality of recognition and performs well in difficult production conditions (with substantial dust level, dim lighting, humidity, vibration, etc.) with a minimum number of false activations.

The EYECONT.VMS system is easily adapted to the unique conditions of the facility due to continuous work on functionality, additional system training during operation process and the variability of video analytical modules at user request.

EYECONT.VMS is compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems (including Astra Linux) with available mobile client for Android.

EYECONT.VMS functionality:

  • Recording video to the archive based on set condition or schedule
  • Displaying live video from IP cameras, Web cameras, video servers and IP DVRs
  • Intelligent searching for records in the archive by a set of filters
  • Remote monitoring of system parameters
  • Hierarchical setting of access rights
  • Performing actions (sending SMS, E-mail, etc.) according to specified conditions
  • Connecting required analytics modules

Non-exclusive license for the EYECONT basic software. Supply options:


Software for creating a small IP video surveillance system containing up to 30 IP cameras. The Lite version does not support the connection of analytics modules. It can, however, be upgraded to the Pro version upon request.


Software for creating IP video surveillance systems containing an unlimited number of IP cameras. It enables to connect any video-analytical modules.


Software that enables to combine a set of remote servers into a common domain managed by the main server. Centralized access to all objects of the unified system is provided through a single access point for managing the system, viewing live or archived video, searching for events, etc.

EYECONT.VMS recognition modules:

  • Dangerous areas control enables to add and configure dangerous areas of any shape and size and detect people there.
  • PPE control enables to detect absence of one or several types of PPE at option.
  • Personnel video control enables to detect an employee on a video stream in a defined work area. Upon the inactivity time has elapsed, the employee who left work area will be considered as absent.
  • Firearm detection identifies the presence of firearms in the video stream.
  • Fire detection identifies flame, smoke and haze in the video stream at early stage.
  • Visitor counting enables to count the number of visitors who entered or exited from any angle.
  • Detection of abandoned objects identifies stationary objects (e.g. bag, package or backpack) that are in the surveillance area for longer than a specified time interval.
  • License plate recognition enables to recognize the license plates of vehicles moving at a speed of up to 30 km/h. It provides recognition of license plates utilized in multiple countries and regions (e.g. EU, Middle East, Russia and the CIS).
  • Queue detector enables to estimate the size of the queue in the control area and the speed of moving people.
  • Object tracking enables to track the movement of objects in the camera's field of view.
  • Heat map enables to estimate the activity of the movement of people and vehicles at the territory, to identify main traffic flows. It is used to determine the frequency of various areas visits (e.g. racks, showcases) in the store, preferred movement routes, analysis of attendance statistics for various objects.
  • Sabotage detection identifies camera rotation, change in the field of view, covering the camera lens with a foreign object, overexposure and defocusing of the video camera.
  • Control of cashier operations is an intelligent module for interaction with software for Frontol cash terminals (version 6.0 or later). It enables to control the actions performed by cashiers when servicing the customers, to resolve and prevent situations that can cause material damage both to retail company and its customers.
  • Face detection identifies faces in the video stream.
  • Mask detector enables to detect wearing a protective mask and classify covering of the face with a mask. The module also includes face detection.
  • Face recognition provides identification with an unlimited database of faces. The module includes face detection, estimation of demographic attributes (e.g. gender, age, race), and a search based on the facial image or its characteristics.
  • Face analytics counts people and performs estimation of demographic attributes (e.g. gender, age, race). The module also includes face detection. It is possible to use re-identification for short periods to count unique visitors.
  • Face search enables to search by facial image, facial attributes or demographics characteristics. The module also includes face detection.
  • Face verification provides one-to-one comparison and includes face detection.

Areas of EYECONT.VMS application:

    • Hazardous production facilities
    • Power grid companies
    • Municipal and educational institutions
    • Food industry
    • Trading companies

Examples of EYECONT.VMS application:

Occupational health and industrial safety Security at municipal and educational institutions
Solution for electric grid and power utility companies Video analytics for retail and food industries

For any questions about EYECONT system please feel free to contact:

Andrey Kalinyak
International Development Manager
Email: sales@mallenom.ru