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VISCONT.Roll materials

Quality control system for roll materials

VISCONT.Roll materials is a system that provides visual quality control of roll materials of various types with the preservation of information on detected defects. State-of-the-industry defect detection in the film production process enables to adjust quickly the line settings in order to reduce or eliminate the appearance of defects in the material.   

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The system allows to identify the following types of defects:

  • holes with 1 mm length;
  • cuts;
  • foreign inclusions;
  • glue drops;
  • riffles and creases.

The hardware part of the system includes:

  • linear camera for machine vision;
  • specialized illuminator;
  • encoder.

PC with VISCONT software installed.

VISCONT software receives images from a linear camera before winding the web into a roll. Video analytics algorithms process the received images for defects.
For each detected defect, the system saves the following parameters:

  • coordinates (X,Y) of the defect on the web;
  • area of the defect;
  • image of the defect.

Automated workstation of system operator provides an opportunity:

  • to start and stop the control process with an indication of the type of material;
  • to view the current image of the material online, all defects detected on the web are highlighted by the system;
  • to generate a scalable roll map that displays all defects;
  • to view the archive of data on detected defects according to the roll number, type of film and date of production (rewinding);
  • to upload data on defects in xml, csv formats, etc.

Additional system’s capabilities:

  • to perform additional training of video analytics algorithms for new types of film;
  • to set the minimum allowable values of parameters for detecting defects;
  • to transmit and receive control actions in VISCONT (for example, start and stop) from the process control system of the production line;
  • to transmit data on detected defects for each roll to the inspection line;
  • to create and manage user accounts.

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