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Automarshal at Truck parking JGT in the Netherlands

Recently, Automarshal software has been implemented at De Jong-Grauss Transportation (JGT) BV truck parking facility. JGT is the company based in the Netherlands that is dedicated to provide the best service in the area of cargo transportation. The company was established in 1981 and currently operates in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain and France. At present, JGT has the fleet of 150 trucks with trailers and containers of various sizes and capacities designed to carry many different forms of cargo.

To automate the trucks access through the main gate at the facility, Automarshal with one recognition channel has been installed. The software receives the video image of the approaching and leaving trucks from an IP-camera. When the system detects the vehicle with the number plate that is in the database, Automarshal sends the signal to open the gate. Additionally, the software makes the log entry for the front and rear number plates when the vehicle enters the premises. Finally, for security reasons, when the vehicle leaves the premises, the software compares the previously recorded number plates with the ones that have been identified during vehicle exit.