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Main page Implementations Video monitoring and recording of road transport Automarshal.Weighbridge in the city of Blagoveshchensk

Automarshal.Weighbridge in the city of Blagoveshchensk

In 2016-2017, two systems for the vehicle weighing automation Automarshal.Weighbridge were implemented at the production facilities of AmurAgroCenter LLC.

The areas for the vehicle weigh measurement were based on Mettler Toledo truck scales. The system installation was performed by the company which placed the order. The engineers at Mallenom Systems performed the system calibration via the remote access.

Each installed hardware-software complex consisted of:


  1. Automarshal.Weighbridge software with two recognition channels
  2. Module for communication with external devices
  3. Module for control of vehicle position on the weigh scales


  1. IP-cameras – 2 units
  2. LED traffic light – 2 units
  3. LED light – 2 units
  4. Sensors for monitoring the vehicle positioning on scales – 2 sets
  5. Computer for the operator – 1 unit

Automarshal.Weighbridge software integrates with Microsoft Axapta automated corporate information system. This system receives all the data after a vehicle weighing for the further processing.

Also, the software can export all data collected during the shift into a file of chosen format. The software can automatically clear the databases for the set period; and it can issue the documentation in support of taken weight measurement with the photo evidence being attached.

Image from IP-camera of Automarshal.Weighbridge hardware-software complex

Скриншот работы системы автоматизации взвешивания транспорта «Автомаршал.Весовая» на ООО «АмурАгроЦентр»

For the convenient interaction of the accounting department with the hardware-software complex, the production facilities utilise Automarshal.Weighbridge web-client. This application allows the accounting department to receive the remote access to the information for all vehicles that have been weighed for the purposes of overall workflow, record keeping and issuing the documents.

Additional functionality

For the quick and convenient print out of the invoices by an operator of the system after the vehicle weighing has been performed, the custom integration of Automarshal.Weighbridge with an invoice printer has been performed for AmurAgroCenter LLC.

Distinctions of this feature:

  • If the vehicle weight measurement is taken for the second time, the system would include the information about the vehicle current and previous measurements in the invoice
  • Feature for the quick print out of the invoices (the number of copies is adjusted in the setting panel, and each invoice is printed out separately)

The implemented system automates the vehicle weighing and integrates with other weight measurement systems at the facility via the corporate information system. At the development stage of this order, Mallenom Systems has taken into consideration all demands of the client and performed further development of the system. This has allowed Automarshal.Weighbridge to become an efficient tool for commercial measurement of supply delivery and produced products at AmurAgroCenter LLC.