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Automarshal.SDK (Software Development Kit) is a development kit that enables a software engineer to add license plate recognition in the software he develops. Integration is possible only in the software designed for Microsoft Windows.

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Automarshal.SDK includes:

  • Recognition core (a collection of dllfiles written in C# language)
  • Documents for core integration in third party software
  • Samples of core integration in third party software for most common languages
  • Hardware key and the license file that allow the use of a certain number of channels (video cameras) for number plate recognition

Automarshal SDK is available in two modifications:

  • for video stream analysis
  • for individual image analysis

The first option assumes that a video stream from a camera or a video file is fed to the input of the recognition core, and, by analyzing the sequence of frames, the recognition core generates an event about the recognized plate for each vehicle. Due to the fact that in the process of movement, the number plate is captured on several frames, it is possible to achieve a high level of recognition.

The Automarshal.SDK version for individual images accepts an image (photo or freeze frame) as input and returns information about the number plates of the vehicles present in the frame for the input image. The quality of work when analyzing just one frame is usually lower than when analyzing a video stream.

When using the demo version of Automarshal.SDK, you will be able to test number plate recognition both by the video stream (for example, video from cameras) and by individual images.

The integration of the recognition core into the software can be carried out using two technologies:

Microsoft .NET is applied for integration with software written in .NET-language for MS .NET Framework 4.5 or later (C #, VB .NET, etc.)
COM/OLE is applied for integration with the software, which programming language supports COM objects and interfaces (C ++, Object Pascal/Delphi, VBA, 1C, etc.)

In addition to the number plate recognition functionality, the SDK contains a module for capturing images from various video sources (analog and IP cameras, video files, etc.), which frees the developer from having to implement his own method of receiving video.

The recognition core is protected by a special security key and cannot be used without it.

Principle of operation:

The recognition core receives a video stream from a video source (video camera, etc.) and detects the presence of motion in the frame

Special algorithms analyze the images and find number plates on them

Found number plates are recognized

For each recognized number plate, the recognition engine generates an event
and transfers this data to the developer software


  • Integrated complex security systems at an industrial enterprise, the components of which are a vehicle access control system (ACS).
  • Automated cargo management systems at an industrial enterprise.
  • Control systems with the necessary function of vehicle number plate recognition.

The recognition core generates the following information for each vehicle:

  • camera ID
  • camera name
  • date/time of travel
  • number plate (front or rear)
  • type of plate (country, template)
  • reliability of number plate recognition
  • direction of travel
  • vehicle image, width, height, time stamp
  • plate coordinates on the image
  • symbols coordinates on the image
  • status (recognized/not recognized)

For COM / OLE integration:

  • camera ID
  • date/time of travel
  • number plate (front or rear)
  • type of plate (country, template)
  • direction of travel
  • status (recognized/not recognized)

Automarshal ANPR system is built on the basis of this SDK.

For any inquiries or questions contact:

Andrey Kalinyak