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System for tracking of the pipes based on the recognition of surface markings

VISCONT.Pipes is the system for automatic recognition of the numerical markings from the surface of the pipes based on the machine vision cameras. The system tracks the pipes across all production stages by utilising few installed system nodes.

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Tracking of the steel pipes during their production provides reliable data for each manufactured unit and allows to form digital certificate for each pipe which ensures the quality of the final product.

Intelligent VISCONT.Pipes system utilises the machine vision and machine learning technologies for the recognition of identification markings from the surface of the steel pipes. This information is used to track each individual pipe across the different production stages. The system provides reliable recognition results even for the highly reflective surfaces, low quality of identification markings, large control surface area and large variety of the manufactured pipes. At present, the recognition accuracy of the system is above 99%.

VISCONT.Pipes system is installed in the few control points at the facility. The larger number of control points allows to track each individual pipe at every production stage more efficiently, which reduces the overall number of defects of the final product.

The main principle for the system operation at a given control point:

  • The pipes are moving across the control area. Sensor detects the presence of a pipe in a control area and sends the signal either to the input/output module or to the camera
  • The cameras continuously form the video image of the object and send obtained sequence of frames to the recognition server
  • The specially designed software at the automated operator workstation, which is installed on the recognition server, processes each frame and forms the aggregate result. Then, the software sends the signal with the recognition result for identification markings to the controller.

In the case of successful identification marking recognition, the system adds the line with identification marking, which is then sent to the external system via Ethernet. If the identification marking has not been successfully recognised, the external system receives a notification about recognition failure. Single PC can simultaneously perform the recognition for up to 8 cameras.

Functionality of the system:

  • recognition of identification markings from the surface of moving pipes;
  • check for the total number of manufactured pipes;
  • export of the log entries for the recognised identification markings in .csv format;
  • forming of the reports for the system operation;
  • search and filtering the recognition logs entries;
  • saving photo and video images.

The system has been implemented at one production facility of Russian manufacturer of steel and welded pipes.

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