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Main page Implementations Video monitoring and recording of road transport Automarshal.SDK utilised for transport security during 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Automarshal.SDK utilised for transport security during 2018 FIFA World Cup.

2018 FIFA World Cup was held in 12 cities across Russia including “Luzhniki” football stadium in Moscow.

Asteros – leading Russian system integrator developed the concept for security at stadium premises. The external security perimeter covered more than 50 installations of temporary and permanent infrastructure and included 7 pedestrian and 6 vehicle checkpoints. Video surveillance system combined more than 1,500 cameras.

The vehicle capacity at “Luzhniki” stadium checkpoints was approximately 1,000 cars and 40 busses per hour. To manage such vehicle flow, 31 automated systems for inspection of vehicle bottom were installed at the football stadium perimeter by Jinan Seenboom Information Technology Co., Ltd. The company integrated Automarshal.SDK into the system to ensure reliable recognition of vehicle number plates from Russia, CIS and European countries.

Overall, this monitoring system was designed for detection of explosives, caches and other hidden objects at the bottom of a vehicle.

Photo source: www.seenboom.com

Developed system consists of:

  • Scanning device located in the metal containment vessel
  • LED illumination ramps
  • Video cameras for recognition of the vehicle number plates equipped with Automarshal.SDK
  • Remote workstation for an operator of the system, which consisted out of a monitor and a PC with installed specialised software