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Quality control system for tablets and capsules

The specialists at Mallenom Systems have developed the solution for quality control of tablets and capsules for multitude of pharmaceutical plants. The solution is based on the Cognex smart-camera, which automatically performs the inspection of the presence and the quality control of the tablets and capsules that are in the blister containers by analysing the collected visual data of the container.

The tablets and capsules are examined without any physical interaction while they are moving in the open blister containers along the production line. The main challenges of this task have been presented in a form of high speed of controlled objects, and large variety in types, shapes, sizes and orientation of these objects.


An example of defective capsules and tablets controlled by the system


The system performs 100% control for all blister containers that enter the quality control check point. In the case of defect detection, the system issues a signal that informs about the presence of a defect. Also, the system can issue a discrete 24V electrical signal when the defect is found.