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Quality control of manufactured packing film

In November 2022, VISCONT system for the quality control of manufactured rolled packing film has been successfully implemented at the polyethylene film line at POLIGOF.RU production plant.

The system has been installed on already existing line with the production rate of 3 meters per second. The implemented system performs the quality control of the film of different colors with a width of up to 1,800 millimeters and thickness between 10 and 50 microns.

Automated algorithm for the selection of illumination threshold level enables to instantaneously detect holes and semi-holes with size from 1 millimeter on film surface and fully automate quality control of manufactured film.

The system is a hardware-software solution that consists of:

  • line scan machine vision camera;
  • specialised machine vision illuminator;
  • VISCONT software.

For the convenience of a system operator, the automated VISCONT software workstation is utilised to display the current state of the defect recognition from the film’s surface, provide a statistical overview for the detected defects during system working session, and also enables to review images from a system log.