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Automarshal for automation of the housing estate carwash

In December 2017, at "Alyye Parusa" living complex carwash (located at Aviation st., 79 in Moscow) Automarshal number plate recognition system has been implemented for the record keeping of the vehicles.

The carwash has 3 stations. Each station has been equipped with the traffic light and camera for the recognition of the number plates. Before the vehicle enters a station, Automarshal saves the vehicle information (e.g. vehicle number plate, time of the access, etc.) in the local database. As the vehicle enters the premises of a carwash station, the system sends the signal to the traffic light which informs other drivers that the particular station is being occupied.

The statistics for the traffic intensity during the day and week, generated by the system, helps the carwash owners to optimise the employees’ schedule. The system also monitors the time during which the vehicle occupies particular station. Based on comparison of this metric with previous observations for the average time needed for the services, the managers at the facility can monitor the overall efficiency.

The system has been installed and calibrated by our partner in Moscow.