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Automated system for reading symbol markings from the pipes

In February 2019, the system developed for automated reading of pipe identification markings by Mallenom Systems was implemented at a metallurgical plant that produces welded steel pipes.

This system is installed at several control points for tracking the movement of pipes. For efficient and complete coverage of the product movement at the different stages of production which would allow to reduce the number of defects, the installation of large number of control points may be advisable.

Main principle of the system operation for a single control point:

  1. The pipes enter the control zone. Sensors detects the pipe presence in the control zone and the system sends a signal either to the input/output module or to the camera.
  2. Cameras continuously form video image of the object in real time and relay the received sequence of frames to a recognition server.
  3. Specialised software at the automated workstation, which is installed on a recognition server, processes each frame and forms the cumulative result based on the analysis of all frames that product appeared in. Then the system sends the signal with the identification marking recognition results to the controller.

In the case of successful recognition, the recognition marking entry is formed, which then is transmitted to the external system via Ethernet network. If the identification marking has not been read successfully, the external system receives notification about failed recognition. At the present moment, the system has up to 99% accuracy of recognition. Single PC can simultaneously process the video images received from up to 8 cameras.

System functionality:

  • reading identification markings of moving pipe;
  • checksum verification;
  • export of log entries for the read identification markings in .csv format;
  • generation of reports for system operation;
  • search and filtering of log entries for the read identification markings;
  • saving photo and video images.

Equipment for a single control point:

  • Illuminator – 2 units;
  • Cognex CIC-4000 machine vision camera – 1 unit;
  • Specialised machine vision lens for providing an optimum control zone from the installed distance – 1 unit;
  • Camera housing with mounting accessories – 1 unit;
  • Specialised Ethernet cable – 1 unit;
  • Power and input/output camera cable – 1 unit.

Additional equipment:

  • PC for recognition – 1 unit;
  • PoE Switch – 1 unit;
  • Sensor for pipe detection – 1 unit;
  • Power supply – 1 unit;

An example of the layout for the identification marking reading system elements (images are transmitted over the network)

Besides the identification markings that utilise symbols the system can read 2D-codes with the use of an industrial code reader. The layout of the system in that case would be the following: