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Traffic counting software

AVEDEX software is designed to measure traffic intensity and composition from video images. Video comes directly from surveillance and special cameras online, or can be downloaded from a video file. As a result of the analysis, the program provides statistics on the number of vehicles and their categories.

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The AVEDEX software is an effective tool for the automatic collection of data on the intensity and composition of the traffic flow. AVEDEX does not use physical sensors for counting and does not require system commissioning by specialists.

The obtained data can be used for:

  • improving traffic capacity of highways
  • building optimal transport routes
  • analyzing the condition of the roadway
  • measuring traffic intensity on the road section
  • building models of traffic flows
  • predicting possible traffic jams, etc.

The software is compatible with a wide range of video cameras and operates effectively in all weather conditions. The estimation accuracy reaches 99%. Automatic analysis is carried out in all directions and lanes in the frame.

Main functions:

  • Counting vehicles on video.
  • Vehicle classification into categories: cars, trucks, public transport, etc.
  • Displaying traffic statistics and exporting statistics in CSV and XML formats.

Software features:

  • Vehicle counting is carried out fully automatically.
  • Up to 6 video flows can be processed simultaneously.
  • Counting can be done both from the online video stream and from the video file.
  • The user himself marks the road lanes on the image for traffic counting.
  • Statistics export can be done in short form (total traffic) or in extended form (traffic divided into categories).

Settings window:


Municipal entities

    • Traffic analysis automation
    • Traffic optimisation
    • Traffic flow modelling

Advertising agencies

  • Data collection toestimate cost of advertising spaces along roads
  • Analysis of the efficiency of advertising campaign

Design organisations

    • Determination of traffic flow composition
    • Calculation of traffic concentration at a given road section
    • Prediction of traffic model development

Research organisations

  • Automatic data collection at a required road section for research projects and theses
  • Calculation of traffic for R&D and other orders.

Road building organisations

  • Analysis of current situation at the road facility
  • Planning of road-construction works
  • Prediction of road bed quality

Logistics companies

  • Calculations to reduce prime costs of transportation and increase cost efficiency of truck fleet
  • Generation of freight routes and schedules

Gas stations

  • Analysis of traffic on the road section to assess the feasibility of placing new gas stations
  • Counting of vehicles entering the gas station and passing by (traffic conversion)


AVEDEX can process the video images for any angle of observation of general-purpose or specialized cameras or archival video files. The software is compatible with large variety of cameras that operate using different optical schemes. All of this reduces the cost of the system installation and setting, and eliminates the need to purchase such additional equipment as physical sensors and high-resolution cameras.

High operation quality

The accuracy of the vehicle count is up to 99% even for the harshest environments. This is achieved because of the utilisation of the latest algorithms for video image analysis.

Flexible settings

The software counts the vehicles from all traffic lanes presented in the image. To begin counting the cars in traffic, the user only needs to indicate the road lanes and launch the video. The system does not require special calibration for each individual camera.

Uniqueness of the design

The algorithms for analysis of video images in the software are based on the deep learning neural networks. At the core of the software design is ten-year company experience in the areas of machine vision and machine learning. We constantly work to improve our existing products and solutions and utilise received experience for creating the new ones.

Continuous development

After the purchase of the software the customer receives six months of free technical support. The new components and functionality are constantly being added to the software to meet the feedback and individual requirements of our customers.

Local government bodies

With AVEDEX, the cameras installed for visual monitoring of vehicle traffic can be utilised to automate the analysis of the vehicle traffic flow. The software can use either live video feed from traffic cameras or pre-recorded video image to formulate the statistics for traffic intensity and composition. This significantly reduces the cost of vehicle traffic optimisation and improves the efficiency of traffic division operation.

Project-design organisations

During the project-design stage of city and traffic infrastructure, the organisations most often have to account for the vehicle traffic intensity during construction. In addition, the ability to forecast the changes in the future vehicle traffic density may be a key element for successful project completion.

AVEDEX can effectively address all these tasks. Based on the video image, the software counts and classifies the vehicles at a given section of the road. Collected data can be used to optimise the construction and analyse the influence of new project construction on the existing traffic network.

Research organisations and academia

For the research and development purposes that relate to the road transport infrastructure it is most crucial to have accurate data for traffic composition and intensity for the specified sections of the road.

Instead of placing an order with a third-party organisation or performing the data collection manually, AVEDEX can help to collect the data with minimum expenses. AVEDEX analyses the traffic composition and intensity based on the video image analysis for live camera feed or pre-recorded file. The software classifies the vehicles into 3 categories and exports collected data in Excel format.

Organisations for road construction and maintenance

For construction, maintenance and restoration of the road networks it is often crucial to have reliable traffic data that can confidently be used for the analysis of a road section for a given period. The information about the traffic composition and intensity for a given lane can help with the analysis of the pavement condition and help to formulate a timetable for maintenance work.

AVEDEX helps to obtain all this data with the use of live camera feed or pre-recorded video files. The performed traffic analysis by the software is automatic and can be performed for any number of lanes.

Transportation and logistics companies

The data for the traffic intensity and composition can help to reduce the transportation costs, optimise the transportation routes and improve the overall efficiency of the company’s vehicle fleet.

AVEDEX automatically collects this data using live camera feed or pre-recorded video files. The software is not limited by the type of installed camera, and it operates for multiple optical schemes and camera angles even in the harshest weather conditions. The user only needs to indicate the traffic lanes and specify the time for data collection if necessary. All data is conveniently presented in form of reports and can be exported in Excel format.

Fuelling stations

AVEDEX can analyse the vehicle traffic for a subsequent evaluation for the need of a new fuelling station construction. Also, the software can count the vehicles that visit a fuelling station and ones that are passing by.

Advertising agencies

AVEDEX can help to measure the efficiency of an advertising campaign and estimate the price for advertising along the roads by collecting the data for the traffic intensity for a given road section. To address these tasks, AVEDEX hardware-software complex may be utilised for its portability. This complex includes a laptop, installed AVEDEX software, tripod and camera.

With flexibility offered by AVEDEX hardware-software complex, the operator only needs to place the camera at a given section of the road and launch the software to collect the data for the traffic composition and intensity. Overall, the system offers quicker and less expensive way to collect traffic data as opposite to placing an order with third party organisation.

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