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VIRIS smart camera

Adaptive smart ANPR camera

The VIRIS adaptive smart ANPR camera combines the capabilities of a video camera and a PC, and a special intelligent module for adaptation to the external environment to provide the highest accuracy of vehicle number plate recognition.

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The VIRIS smart camera is an All-in-One system: camera, embedded computer with number plate number plate recognition software, IR illumination, power supply and communication modules.

The smart camera provides both image generation and its analysis. As a result, a separate PC for video image processing is not required, as well as communication systems for image transfer. 

The mathematics and software developed for the intelligent camera is based on Automarshal software, a well-known product that provides the highest level of number plate recognition (up to 98%) at vehicle speed up to 270 km/h.

Key features

      • Complete solution: camera, computer, IR illuminator in a single housing
      • High recognition accuracy and reliability: an additional intelligent image processing module, integrated with the control algorithm, ensures a consistently high recognition reliability under conditions of significant changes in the external environment (0.97 - 0.99, analogues - 0.95 - 0.96)
      • Adaptive intelligent adjustment to the operating conditions: a specialized algorithm for controlling the parameters of the video camera provides a high-quality image of the number plate regardless of weather conditions and external lighting conditions
      • Affordability (15-30% lower than analogs)
      • Configuration via remote desktop
      • Unlimited number of vehicle access lists 
      • Watchdog and preheat for increased system reliability
      • Weatherproof casing IP66, operating temperature range -70 .. + 50 ° C

Technical parameters

        • Video input subsystem based on a digital video camera
        • Resolution: 1280x960 pixels
        • Frame rate: 54 Hz
        • Reading distance: from 5 to 40 m (depending on modification)
        • Control zone width: up to 7000 mm
        • Built-in IR illumination provides number plate recognition up to 20 meters away at any time of the day
        • Availability of discrete outputs (for connecting barriers, traffic lights, etc.)
        • Availability of discrete inputs (for connecting sensors and control systems)
        • Communication interface: Ethernet, 3G (LTE)
        • Supply voltage: 220V AC
        • Possibility of automatic adaptation to installation conditions and external operating conditions
        • Interface in the form of a Web application (Web client)
        • Remote desktop control (TeamViewer)


        • Traffic control
        • Automated parking
        • Automatic access to the territory by number plate
        • Access control (enterprise checkpoints, residential and commercial facilities, etc.)
        • Customs
        • Vehicle search
        • Red light violations
        • Stop line crossing
        • Control of the availability of the certificate of insurance

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