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Commercial record keeping system for the oil products at LUKOIL production facilities

Automation of commercial record keeping for the oil products transported by rail

In 2003-2005, engineers at Mallenom Systems developed the first system in Russia for recognition of rail car identification markings. The first implementation of this system took place at the industrial facility in 2003-2006. The first company to implement such system for the dispatch automation was LUKOIL, which adopted the technology at the refinery plants in the cities of Volgograd and Ukhta.

The engineers at Mallenom Systems have been tasked with demand for high recognition performance of the system and the system integration with Mettler Toledo Anaconda rail scales to deliver comprehensive record keeping system for the oil products.

Mr Evgeny Vesnin, the Technical Director at Mallenom Systems had the following to say:

“Before this project, we had an experience with recognition system for the railway transport which relied on the lists with rail car identification information. Therefore, for this project we had to overcome two main technical challenges simultaneously. First, we had to ensure the high recognition accuracy without relying on lists with rail car identification information. And, second, we had to perform the system integration with scales for rail transport. Without the utilisation of the lists with railcar identification information, it was extremely challenging to achieve high recognition results at first. Therefore, we had to substantially improve the algorithms of the system. Additionally, since the identification markings of the railcar are placed at four distinct areas of the railcar (2 on the sides and 2 on the frame), our system now utilises 4 cameras for the purposes of the recognition. By combining the recognition results from four video channels, our system reached 95% recognition accuracy. The integration of the system with the scales have also been successfully resolved. Our system has achieved deep integration both at the software and at the hardware levels.”.

LUKOIL Volgograd Oil Refinery


LUKOIL Ukhta Oil Refinery


As a result of the system implementation at the LUKOIL production facilities in Volgograd and Ukhta, the dispatch time was improved, the utilisation of manual labour and the rate of human error both were reduced.

The list of the upgrades performed in 2015 at LUKOIL production facility in Volgograd includes the following:

  1. Hardware upgrade
  2. Introduced newly developed algorithms to account for dynamic conditions that took place during weighting of the rail cars at the facility, which had previously introduced complications for the accurate weight measurement
  3. Implemented “Archimedes’ principle” module (taking into account the previously valid “GOST 8.595-2004 GSI. Mass of oil and oil products. General requirements for measurement techniques”. Article To reduce the systematic component of measurement error due to the temperature, pressure and other factors that influence the measurement results.)