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Automarshal for the vehicle access control on the premises of the private residential community area

In May 2017, the Automarshal ANPR system was integrated at the premises of the private residential communal area located in Leningrad region.

The system completely automates 5 check points and performs the recognition of the vehicle number plates from Belarus and Russia. All of these check points are interconnected and managed from a single station. The main server is located at the main site of Forest Net LLC which manages the entire premises of this residential area. Two checkpoints are manned by security personal, who monitor the system operation and grant the access via Automarshal Web-Client, when the need arises.

For extra security, the checkpoint areas are under constant surveillance. Additionally, 5 speed-traps have been installed at the dangerous sections of the road. If the vehicle speed exceeds 30 km/h, this vehicle is denied an entry to/exit from the premises.

Automarshal integration with PASS24.Online

The residents of this private residential community utilise integrated features of Automarshal and PASS24.Online to issue temporary passes for their visitors.

The residents can use stand-alone version of the application or web-browser version to issue the visitor passes. Then, once Automarshal recognises the vehicle number plate, it sends the request to PASS24.Online system to check for the presence of the vehicle number in the list and the issued pass for that vehicle. Additionally, Automarshal checks the recognised vehicle plate against its own lists.

Depending on the validity of a pass, Automarshal performs pre-selected actions (this includes sending a signal to the traffic barrier, display of the text on LED panel) and makes a recognition log record for the vehicle which has entered the premises.

Utilisation of LED panned

Each check point has the LED panel installed for the display of the notifications to the drivers regarding any outstanding debts, acts of speeding, absence of a pass and other.


System configuration


  • Automarshal, vehicle speed up to 30 km/h, 15 recognition channels
  • Module for communication with eternal devices
  • Module for recognition of number plate of an additional non-EU country
  • Automarshal Web-client module
  • Speed measuring module
  • Module for LED display panel connection
  • PASS24.Online integration module


  • Server equipped with Intel Xeon 2 x E5-2690V4, 256 GB SSD, 4 x 480 GB Intel DC (RAID10)
  • Hikvision DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZHS cameras for vehicle number plate recognition – 15 units
  • Traffic barrier – 5 units
  • LED panel – 5 units
  • Input/output module ET-7261 – 6 units
  • Cisco POE network switch – 4 units
  • Illumination DL252-850-35 РТ – 10 units

As a result of the vehicle number plate recognition system integration, the management of vehicle entry and exit is automated. This system improves the overall safety, enforces the speed limit and helps to identify any outstanding debt payments.

With an integration of Automarshal and PASS24.Online, the residents conveniently issue the passes for their visitors from various devices via the web. This helps the security personal to focus on the security and safety of this private residential area.

Since the system keeps the detailed reports for all vehicles that entered and exited the premises, and it also monitors the actions of security personal, any complaints are easily addressed.