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Main page Implementations Video monitoring and recording of road transport Automarshal.Weighbridge in the town of Kstovo

Automarshal.Weighbridge in the town of Kstovo

In July 2018, the system for automation of vehicle weight measurement Automarshal.Weighbridge was implemented at the weight station at Air Liquide Kstovo LLC production facility located in Nizhny Novgorod region.

Automarshal.Weighbridge helps to minimise the human error during the product dispatch, and reduces the time needed for the weight measurement and identification of a vehicle, which increases the overall transparency of the vehicle weight measurement process. All data from the local database is relayed to the corporate information system for the further processing. The received information helps to improve the workflow at the facility.

Система Автомаршал.Весовая для автоматического взвешивания автомобилей на предприятии ООО «Эр Ликид Кстово»

To address the needs of the client, engineers at Mallenom System performed further development of the system to have an ability to intelligently identify and record the rear number plates only for the trailer without an inclusion of the tractor unit’s rear number plates.

The principle of operation for the management of vehicle weight measurement scales Automarshal.Weighbridge

The vehicle can enter the scales from either direction. The vehicle weight measurement can only take place when the traffic barriers block the entry and exit. This ensures the correct positioning of the vehicle on the scales.

Автоматическая система управления взвешиванием Автомаршал.Весовая

Weight measurement algorithm

At first, both traffic lights are red. Prior to the vehicle entry on the weight scale, the vehicle driver request the permission from an operator to perform the vehicle weight measurement via a portable radio transmitter. If the operator gives permission, the operator then opens the traffic barriers and switches the system into the weighing mode. The traffic lights change from red to green, which signals the driver to move the vehicle onto the weighing platform.

The vehicle enters on the scales. At this moment the system performs the recognition of the vehicle number plates and saves the photos from both cameras into the database. Based on the received video image which is displayed in the software window, the operator monitors positioning of the vehicle on the scales. When the vehicle is correctly positioned at the weighing platform, the operator closes the traffic barriers and takes the vehicle weight measurement.

After the vehicle weight reaches the steady state, the operator makes a log entry for the vehicle weight and enters additional information about the weighted vehicle (e.g. vehicle is caring cargo/vehicle is empty, full name of the driver, cargo designation, etc.). During the vehicle weight measurement, the system takes additional photos from both cameras. These photos are also saved to the database and then are utilised in the generated reports. After, when the vehicle weight has been recorded, the operator opens the traffic barriers, the traffic light changes from red to green, and the vehicle leaves the weighing platform.

The hardware-software complex for weighing automation includes:


  1. Automarshal.Weighbridge software, 2 recognition channels
  2. Module for communication with external devices
  3. Module for control of vehicle position on the weigh scales


  1. IP-Camera – 2 units
  2. LED traffic light – 2 units
  3. LED light – 2 units
  4. Traffic barrier – 2 units
  5. Sensors for monitoring the vehicle positioning on scales – 2 sets
  6. Automarshal.Weighbridge outdoor cabinet – 1 unit
  7. Computer for the operator – 1 unit